Vaccine Amnesty

Get Back On Track

Are your pet’s vaccines up to date? Could your pet be at risk of parvo, leptospirosis and distemper? In the last couple of months, we have seen all three of these potential fatal diseases in the clinic.

It is all too easy for booster vaccinations to be missed, leaving your pet vulnerable to these serious diseases. This is why, until the end of August 2024, we are running a Vaccine Amnesty, which will significantly bring down the cost of getting up to date by offering a COURSE OF TWO INJECTIONS FOR THE PRICE OF A BOOSTER.

It is very important to vaccinate your pets regularly throughout their life. An unvaccinated pet is highly susceptible to diseases that are contagious and in most cases fatal. These diseases can cause major health issues not only to your pets but also to you and your family!

Book now to make sure your pet is healthy and protected from these lethal and highly contagious diseases.

Are you a VIP?

Joining at vaccination is the most cost-effective way to benefit. Our VIP Healthcare Plan helps you spread the cost of your pet’s everyday preventative health care so you can relax and enjoy the precious moments with your little VIP.

Vaccinations can protect your dog from:


A highly contagious virus, very common in the UK. Parvo can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and lethargy and can be lethal for your pet once infected.


A contagious virus that attacks the gastrointestinal, respiratory and central nervous system and unfortunately has no known cure. It can be fatal for your dog within 2-5 weeks of being infected.


A bacterial infection which attacks the nervous system and organs. Some symptoms include fever, difficulty breathing, muscle tremors and diarrhoea. If the infection progresses into the liver or kidney, it can cause severe damage and can be proven lethal. It is important to note that humans and especially young children can be infected.

Kennel Cough

Another highly contagious infection of the respiratory system. Most dogs contract this infection by playing with other dogs and not in kennels. Kennel Cough symptoms are choking, coughing, runny nose and eye discharge. The bacteria are most likely to attack vulnerable dogs such as puppies, elderly dogs or those with chronic respiratory diseases.


A highly contagious virus that affects the lungs and is one of the most common contributing causes of Kennel Cough. The severity of symptoms depends on the dog’s age and health but they may suffer from fever, cough, sneezing, eye inflammation and lethargy.


Not to be mistaken with human hepatitis and cannot be passed to humans. However this virus attacks the liver, kidneys, eyes and blood vessels. Symptoms can vary but in severe cases, the infection can result in jaundice, liver failure, coma and even death.

Vaccinations can protect your cat from:


Cat flu is very common in the UK and unfortunately there is no cure. The symptoms are similar to those of a cold in humans but in serious cases, it can develop into pneumonia or ulcers in the eyes with a risk of damaging their eyesight permanently or losing one or both eyes. Kittens are at most risk and pregnant cats can pass on the virus to their kittens.


A highly contagious virus, often referred to as feline parvovirus, attacks lining of the intestines and causes severe vomiting, bloody diarrhoea, loss of appetite, lethargy and potentially seizures. There is no cure and vets can only treat the symptoms with medicines and fluids. Adult cats are more likely to survive but it is often fatal for young kittens.


A life-long disease without cure that is very common in the UK. The cats’ immune system is weakened and unfortunately the virus is lethal for most cats within three, four years of catching the virus.